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year. this map shows how the pathogen has spread throughout the bay area since 2006. the u.s. forest service says it has documented more than 375 new cases of dead, live oak in tan oak trees. that's a ten fold increase compared to 38,000 a year ago. scientists attribute the spread to two years of very high rainfall, followed by this year's dry weather. >>> a stanford professor got a call from sweden early this morning informing him that he had won the nobel prize for chemistry. the doctor shares the prize with a doctor from duke university. today, he invited cameras inside his home in palo alto to share the news. he said he missed the first call that came in about 2:20 this morning, but when they called back, he picked up. >> i thought he was dreaming to begin with. very excited, and very happy. >> reporter: he will share in the prize worth more than $1 million. he says he plans to use it for his retirement, or leave it to his children. they were honored for ground breaking discoveries on cell proteins that have helped scientists develop better medications. >>> millions of cars and s
with bike rider lance armstrong following a condemning u.s. antidoping agency report. today nike announced its severing its business agreement with the cyclist. the endorsement contract was reportedly worth $50 million over five years. armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his live strong nonprofit organization. >> we've taken what was an awful event for a lot of people and made the best out of it. >> 23 years after loma. at 10:30, the good many say came from that day. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. >> a stunning fall from grace tonight involving a prominent doctor in the south bay. he's now accused of dealing drugs and is facing very serious felony charges. robert handa tells us he could face more charges based on what authorities say they found inside his home. >> reporter: dr. marvin bonham had a successful life, a luxerious home, and a business. now the 61 yeer -- 61-year-old bonham faces 18 felony charges for illegally prescribing drugs. >> he was basically using his power of being able to writ
in honor of u.s. ambassador who was killed in a terrorist attack in libya. chris stevens was hailed as a hero, a brother, and a man who died trying to make the world a better place. >> reporter: under the dome of san francisco city hall they came from near and far to pay tribute to a california man who built bridges between the united states and the world. >> chris, thank you. >> reporter: john christopher stevens the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years. just 52, stevens died in what's now called a terrorist act in libya on september 11th. libya's ambassador apologized for not protecting one of america's best. >> we lost a friend. we lost a supporter and a hero. >> reporter: retired diplomat tom pickerring mentored stevens. >> they still make them like they used to. >> reporter: pickerring now heads the investigation into the killing of stevens and three other americans. stevens parents told me today's gathering was a celebration of how their son lived. not how he died. >> it's not important who your mother is only and not just important who your father is.
monday of october the u.s. supreme court opened its new term of the case involving human rights. the court will decide if federal courts have jurisdiction to hear lawsuits against corporations accused of human rights accuses over seas. at least two justices questioned why the case was being considered in this country. a decision is expected by spring. >>> the supreme court has 49 appeals on its docket. but is expected to consider as many as three dozen more cases. the justices are expected to decide next month whether to take up same-sex marriage. they could hear one or two possible cases. there's prop eight, the california ban on california marriage and the federal defense of marriage act which denies same-sex couples the same federal benefits as hetero sexual couples. >>> macy's is looking forward to the holiday shopping season. the retail giant says it plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers that's a 2-1/2% increase. most of the work will be part time. the department store chain says the seasonal help will work at macy's and blomingdale online centers and distribution facilitie
of the reason chevron's u.s. oil production decreased by 92,000 barrels a day in its third quarter compared to the second quarter. gas prices inched up again hitting another record high in california. aaa says the average cost for a gallon of gas in california is $4.67. that's up less than a sent from yesterday. but in oakland the price fell .2 of a cent to $4.68 a gallon. >>> a man arrested at l.a.x. who was wearing flame retardant pants is accused of carrying weapons and other suspicious objects into the united states. wan harris was arrested on friday and appeared in court briefly today. they found a smoke grenade, a gas mask, knives and a hatchet in his luggage. he was picked up after he returned to the united states from japan. he is an american citizen. >>> the driver of an suv speeds through a crosswalk and hits three people and one of the victims is being called a hero for what she did to save a child. >>> former penn state coach jerry sandusky and sentenced for molestation charges you will hear what an area man who has >>> back now to developing news and the city hall vote on wheth
comment on the security of libya. tomorrow afternoon a public memorial for slain u.s. ambassador chris stevens is said to take place at san francisco's city hall. stevens was one of those four americans killed during the september 11th attack on that consulate in libya. the bay area native was 52 years old. the memorial is scheduled to begin at 4:15 and will be followed by a two hour reception. >>> we are learning more tonight about a south bay woman suspected in a series of neighborhood arsons. 56-year-old sundelias was arrested on saturday. that's when witnesses say they saw her setting a fire to a garbage can. it turns out the suspect lives in the complex and neighbors tell us they are shocked. >> we kind of suspected it was a neighbor. >> not her. >> never her. >> why not? >> she was always very concerned. >> reporter: neighbors also tell us the woman and a partner are known for putting on fourth of july fireworks shows in gilroy. sundelius was released on bail this morning. >>> dozens who lost their home are now suing their former landlord. they claim that they knew about conditio
begins 4:00 sunday afternoon. and first pitch 4:45. >> u.s. stock markets took a drop today. the dow fell 205 points. that is worst day in four months. the nasdaq fell 67. microsoft, jenny electric and mechanical do not ales were among those with disappointing third quarter earnings. >>> it was 25 years ago today that the market had its worst one day crash in history in terms of % lost. october 19th, 1987 is known as black monday. the dow lost 508 points. that was 22% of the market's value. historians blame the slowing economy. >> the largest drop in the state unemployment rate in 36 years. the state's job less rate fell to 10.2. that is down from 10.6. and a point and a half better than a year ago. does warn the numbers are preliminary and the improving numbers may also be in part to fewer people applying for jobs. >>> in the nine bay area counties, unemployment rates fell. fell to 5.8% last month. none of the bay area counties is in double digits. has the highest unemployment numbers is the only county above 9% at 9.3 in september. >> i cannot express any better. it's really tough. >> o
be combined with three other storms in west virginia. we're live, craig boswell. >>> the u.s. coast guard rescued more than one dozen people after a tall ship sank 90 miles off the coast of north carolina. 14 people were rescued, a 15th was rescued later. the ship's campaign is still missing. the tall ship is a replica of the mss bounty it was used in a movie. the captain reportedly thought he could sail around that massive storm. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking that storm all night. what's the situation right now. >> the big story is it's no longer tropical. it's not a hurricane. it's not a tropical storm but it has hurricane strength winds. it's too far north now. it has some cold wrapped into it so now it is a super storm. that's what we're seeing. here's the latest imagery. this area right here at the coast they are getting hammered. with storm surge, and there are big problems right along that line. the rain continues to fall. this system is by no means done. let's move it through time now. i'm going to move it forward. the low right over washington and it's
head but declined treatment. >>> medical marijuana clubs are back in business tonight. the u.s. city council voted to repeal its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. the so called gentle ban would have eliminated the 1,800 medical marijuana shops operating. >>> a tipster said he saw a body being buried around the time hoffa disappeared. but when the soil tests came back there were no signs of human remains. hoffa went missing near detroit about 35 miles from roseville. >>> only on 2, the owners of a miniature horse farm got the news they had been dreading they got the news they've been evicted. ken wayne joins us live now with the news the owners received today, ken. >> reporter: julie, you can see behind me the flag here at love patch farms has been lowered to half staff as the sign of mourning. the owners were served with eviction papers today and now have to find some where else for themselves and their 40 horses to live. >> doesn't that feel good? >> reporter: lee romero cooled down one of her 40 miniature horses before she had to lock the gates and leave the home she's had for
objects at cars coup face felony charges. >>> the bay area family of the late u.s.ambassador to libya will hold a public memorial in his honor next week. they shared childhood photographers with ktvu at their home. stevens was killed on september 11. his parents say they hope his work to create a democracy in libya will continue. the memorial will take place at san francisco city hall on tuesday, october 16, at 4:30 in the afternoon. >>> it was significantly cooler today. these were the temperatures from tuesday. just some numbers from san francisco, san jose and santa rosa. 20degrees in san francisco over that. livermore, a big drop as well. temperatures really cooled off. a lot of fog out there right now, and it will impact your morning. this is the forecast model. tomorrow morning, 7, 8:00 a.m., you're going to see a big dose of fog, mainly to the east bay. that fog will definitely be slow to burn off, especially along the coast on your thursday. so temperatures are sliding off already. they're going to continue to cool tomorrow. maybe another 10 degrees in some locations. back her
proper paperwork. >> he just applied for social security card today. his sister who was born in the u.s. went with him. >> so overwhelming for him to have all the opportunities that i have. >> and he has someone else to think about. his 1 year old son. >> my son, you know, like i'm going to try to do everything for him. >> he plans to go back to school and hopes to one day open his own computer business. he has another sister who is waiting for her application for a work permit to be processed. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a super market chain is explaining why it began using a highly controversial federal system of all new hires. announced it was being audited by homeland security. looking into the work eligibility and citizenship status of the employees. after complaints about suspected illegal immigrant workers. boycott the super market over the sus of the system. but the company says it had no choice. >> we decided to use the program as a result of this audit. and the misconception out there is somehow verify was something voluntary that we did. >> it's backing off the e verify demand af
's release against the u.s. anti-doping report. he was one of several former teammates who gave evidence about doping. the team says that it will be placing up the santa rosa resident on the non-active status until they speak to them in pen. releasing a statement today saying, "i accept responsibility for the participation of the dirty pass of cycling. i have been racing clean now for five years. " pge and the city of oakland are teaming up on a new project to upgrade the street lights. new lights will be replacing the older high pressure sodium street lights in east oakland. city leaders say that the leds are energy efficient and brighter, which could help deter crime while at the same time saving the city more than $19,000 a year. >>> only on 2, we sat down with the family of the bay area teen as they hit that big time on the national talk show. the controversy around the openly gay boy scout. openly gay boy scout. >>> and at 10:45, a new effort [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywh
are going to be performing. >> to have it here is a treat. we've been all over the u.s. in the last few years and never anything like this. we're wrapping around the statute in the city square. it's pretty wild. >> reporter: init's great the city of san francisco allows them to do this. >> reporter: the event is filling hotel rooms with athletes and tourists. and parks and rec are also making money. but not everyone thinks it's worth it. >> are we making sure we're getting enough money for the city. are we undermining our standard around promoting fitness and education by promoting with a drink company? >> reporter: residents cannot use the plaza for two weeks during set up and break down. and that's not fair. but there's another perspective. that the event is filling a need for city kids who say there's not enough for them to do. >> skateboard, bmx bicycles, motorcycles, it's a kid's heaven. this is the event that we should schedule yearly. >> reporter: you can see crews are now cleaning up. they are also prepping the courses for competition tomorrow. the finals will be held on sunday.
boulevard. >>> u.s. stock markets move sharply lower today on weak corporate earnings reports. the dow lost 283 points its biggest drop in 72 weeks. and the nasdaq dropped three. dupont and gm were among the biggest names with losses. add revenue from mobile devices accounted for 14% of it total revenue. facebook shares were up in afterhours trading. >>> for the first time ever zynga is announcing lay offs. they will also be closing two of its offices in boston and austin texas. zynga says it is dropping 14 of its older games. it's third quarter earnings will be released tomorrow. >>> hundreds of thousands of people have registered to vote in the past two weeks. 679,000 new voters have been added to the roles in the last 45 days and that number is expected to go up as county election officials verify additional voter registration cards. yesterday was the deadline to register for the november 6 election. >>> coming up tonight at 11:00, how the presidential candidates kicked off their campaigns. >>> the quake was centered near the town of nequioa. there have been a number of aftershocks some
administration may fine u.s. air for allegedly putting a plane back into service, without completing the required tests. the faa said the airline discovered a leaking fuel pump in a plane. they replaced it, but didn't test, or inspect the equipment. investigators claim they flew the justice over 900 times without performing the required safety checks. >>> now you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on live icon, and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. ♪ [ music ] >>> well, our weather pattern is changing right now. it has been an interesting past couple of days with the thunderstorms, the cold air, but things changing tractly by the weekend. as you can pick out, we have a few light showers showing up on live stormtracker 2. this happens to be the loop over the past three hours. the latest imagery, you can pick out activity moving into parts of san francisco. dark green, or sprinkles, or light showers. we'll shift to the maps here and head up to the north and the east. nothing too major, but right around fairfield, and around the vallejo area as well
of homicide victims in marin, san francisco and san mateo county. >>> u.s. stock markets managed to post small games after losing ground for the last le o the dow rose 26 points the nasdaq was up four. investors had to digest weak home sales. >>> apple says it's looking for a record breaking holiday season. apple shares fell closing at $609 and change. then dropping a few cents more in afterhours trading. >> reporter: a possible move of apple sent pandora sales sharply lower today. pandora shares fell 11% amidst report that apple may launch its own online music service. >>> high temperatures today we're on the mild side. six in concord, 66 in fairfield. 71 at santa rosa. highs for your friday and warmer. mid-70s, maybe some upper 70s in some locations. the kind of a weather headline, it's going to be cold out there. already in napa we have temperatures in the 40s right now. overnight low in napa, they're just a few degrees from the 30s. santa rosa just a few degrees warmer than the 40s. it is going to be a bit chilly when you get going. many of the inland bay valleys and even around the bay, 4
.gov/heartattack. >>> the u.s. coast guard says it is intercepted a boat packed with marijuana off the coast of southern california thathappened late today. three suspected drug smugglers were also arrested. a helicopter first spotted if boat. a pair of coast guard boats later kaug -- caught up with the suspected smugglers. >>> oakland police say steven buggs seen here shot and killed 34-year-old lester young. buggs reportedly believed young was having an affair with his girl friend while he was in prison. >>> the father of a teenager who was shot by police in june has filed a lawsuit against police. the 14-year-old was killed after he was shot by police. a scuffle ensued after a gun fell out of his waistband. the lawsuit alleges the shooting was the result of racial profiling by police. >>> in news of the world tonight in columbia, six police officers were killed in an ambush. officials say they suspect rebels were responsible. the government and rebels just started peace talking aimed at ending the fighting that has gone on for some 50 years now and killed tens of thousands of people. >>> in switzerl
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